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Concierge Care NP is not affiliated with or responsible for any of the applications below.  These applications are meant to be tools you may use. If you need assistance with any of these applications, please contact the application developers directly.

TypeApplication NameAndroidApple
Calorie CountingLose It!Google Play iTunes
Calorie CountingMy Fitness PalGoogle Play iTunes
FitnessiFitnessGoogle PlayiTunes
FitnessMap My FitnessGoogle PlayiTunes
FitnessUnder Armour RecordGoogle PlayiTunes
MeditationCalmGoogle PlayiTunes
MeditationHeadspaceGoogle PlayiTunes
MeditationInner BalanceGoogle PlayiTunes
NutritionFind Me Gluten FreeGoogle PlayiTunes
NutritionFooducateGoogle PlayiTunes
NutritionNutrition LookupGoogle PlayiTunes
SleepRelax MelodiesGoogle PlayiTunes
SleepSleep Cycle Alarm ClockGoogle PlayiTunes

Recipe Websites:

Eating Well
Paleo Leap
The Paleo Mom
The Gracious Pantry