Telehealth at Concierge Care NP

When appropriate, we urge all of our patients to use telehealth as a way to obtain faster service at lower cost. Telehealth appointments are included in both Functional Medicine and Primary Care retainer plans. Patients that have not signed one of these plans may also schedule telehealth appointments, at a cost lower than an in-person appointment. We can also use a telehealth appointment for potential patients to provide information on our services and for a free initial assessment and our recommendations for a plan to improve your medical situation. The types of appointments that are ideal for telehealth include:

  • Providing information regarding primary and functional medicine and care, acute care, proper diet, nutrition and supplements, anti-aging and weight loss programs, stem cell therapy, PRP therapy, pain management and individual health questions and answers.
  • Initial health assessment. You must have a face-to-face appointment follow-up scheduled within two weeks after your initial telehealth appointment.
  • Managing chronic illness from a primary or functional medicine perspective.
  • Laboratory review and follow up.
  • Prescriptions/supplement refills. This is only available for existing patients.

Our Telehealth Solution

A telehealth appointment is just like any other appointment at Concierge Care NP except you will be speaking to Dr Giedd on a screen, rather than face-to-face. This can be in the comfort of your own home or office. Telehealth appointments are as private as face-to-face appointments, with both you and Dr Giedd speaking in a private, secure virtual consultation room. This can be on your computer or on your Android or iPhone.
You may view video tutorials to see what your telehealth experience would be like.

To download the software please click the appropriate link below:

Get VSee Messenger for Windows and Mac
Get VSee Messenger for iPad
Get VSee Messenger for iPhone
Get VSee Messenger for Android

You may also search for VSee Messenger in iTunes and the Android Play Store. If you require any assistance, please contact

Tips for Attending a Telehealth Appointment:

  • Make a test call to check whether your equipment (such as web-camera and speakers) and internet speed are working correctly. We recommend you complete this test well in advance of your actual appointment.
  • Start a telehealth call approximately 5 minutes before your appointment and wait for Dr Giedd to join the call.
  • A quiet, private room is best. For your privacy, we recommend that you do not access telehealth in public areas such as a cafe or use unsecured wi-fi.
  • Make sure that you are well-lit, but avoid sitting directly beneath the light source if possible.
  • Dress as you would when attending a face-to-face consultation.
  • Have a pen and paper available in case you need to write anything down during your appointment.